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Green Finance
US$9 billion in concessional financing per year until 2031-35 to mobilize necessary private capital
26 Feb 2024
New indices offer insights for clients seeking to measure and analyze investments’ impact on the natural world
28 Feb 2024
Responsible fish production aims to build a more sustainable aquaculture ecosystem
23 Feb 2024
Global South has ideas, ambition, capacity for green solutions – just not funding
23 Feb 2024
Persuasive Keynesian case for increased public investment in green growth needed
20 Feb 2024
Wealth Management Connect 2.0 launches on February 26 to expand cross-border investment opportunities
19 Feb 2024
Proceeds to fund renewable energy, hydrogen use in steelmaking, storage batteries
16 Feb 2024
Bank applies SPS solution to allow commodity trader to buy RSPO-certified palm oil
15 Feb 2024
World’s first multi-currency digital bond offering boosts HK status as sustainable and digital finance hub
8 Feb 2024
GGC aims to de-risk private climate investment, unlock billions for developing countries
8 Feb 2024
A novel plan to replace the Philippines’ public transport with tech-enabled electric minibuses promises to clear the air and also the traffic
8 Feb 2024
IFC, HKMA aim to help region unlock financing required for resilient, inclusive transition
7 Feb 2024
Commitments aimed at helping developing countries in the region to achieve net zero goals
1 Feb 2024
Decarbonization fund aims to mobilize additional investments, accelerate EU transition
29 Jan 2024