Fullerton Fund Management launches Fullerton SGD Heritage Funds
Three Singapore-centric multi-asset solutions feature varying asset allocation and income pay-outs to generate regular income and potential long-term capital appreciation
21 May 2019 | The Asset

Fullerton Fund Management (Fullerton) has launched the Fullerton SGD Heritage Fund Series, comprising the Fullerton SGD Heritage Income, Heritage Balanced, and Heritage Growth funds.

The three Singapore-centric multi-asset solutions, with varying asset allocation and income pay-outs, aim to generate regular income and potential long-term capital appreciation. These funds are exclusively distributed by Standard Chartered Bank.

As Fullerton celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2019, it looks to build on its heritage and leverage its investment expertise to create value for investors. The Fullerton SGD Heritage funds are designed for investors planning for their retirement. The life expectancy of Singaporeans has increased and at the same time, the cost of living and medical spend are rising. The funds, through investing across asset classes and securities, are complementary to retirement schemes available to Singapore residents and are expected to help investors grow their savings in preparation for their later years.

Jenny Sofian, Fullerton’s Chief Executive Officer, says, “Fullerton recognizes the financial realities of retiring well in Singapore, and has created an investment solution that would tackle this challenge. The Fullerton SGD Heritage Series is a carefully-crafted fund series which aims to deliver a variety of outcomes for investors who desire both income and capital growth. Key building blocks include assets which Singapore investors are very familiar and comfortable with - Asian credits, Singapore bonds, Asian stocks and Singapore REITs.”

Fullerton seeks to enhance its investment proposition through outcome-driven, diversified investment solutions governed by strong risk management. The Fullerton SGD Heritage Income fund will invest around 80% in a diversified portfolio of bonds and about 20% in REITs, the Fullerton SGD Heritage Balanced fund will mostly invest in an equal proportion of stocks and bonds, and lastly the Fullerton SGD Heritage Growth fund will invest around 80% in a diversified portfolio of growth securities and 20% in bonds. Monthly distribution is available for all three funds.

The funds will be managed by Fullerton’s highly experienced Multi-Asset team led by Vincent Chan, who has over 30 years of investment experience.