Capital Group launches multi-asset income strategy for Asian investors
Capital Income Builder, a product for investors in Asia, claims to provide a reliable income stream, without excessive exposure to volatility
19 Sep 2018 | The Asset

Capital Group, one of the world's largest investment management firms, with more than US$1.8 trillion of assets under management, is launching a multi-asset income strategy for investors in Asia.

The launch of Capital Group Capital Income Builder (LUX), a Luxembourg-domiciled fund (UCITS), continues the build-out of a multi-year strategic plan to give clients based outside the US access to Capital Group's long-standing US strategies.

The new fund follows the same investment approach as the 30+ year old, US$100 billion+ multi-asset income strategy from the US, and is managed by the same investment team. The fund seeks to provide a level of current income that exceeds the average yield on US stocks generally, and to provide a growing stream of income over the years.

Tom Quantrille, president and head of Asia at Capital Group, added: "Our multi-asset investing capability dates back to the 1970s and we now manage almost $400 billion in multi-asset investments globally. We are seeing growing demand in Asia for multi-asset goal-oriented solutions, and therefore continue to expand our offering and capabilities in this area for investors in Asia."

Capital Group has been serving investors in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 30 years. It currently employs more than 260 associates in the region, and has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

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