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OCBC debuts Singapore’s first AI stock picker
Brokerage firm’s Asia, US exchange-trained tool targets digitally savvy young investors
The Asset 19 Jun 2024

Singapore brokerage firm OCBC Securities has launched A.I. Oscar – OCBC Securities’ Customer Artificial-Intelligence Radar – Singapore’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-powered stock picker tool, with a view to expanding its base of active young investors in the city-state.

Its coverage has also now expanded to Hong Kong and US markets on the back of a successful pilot programme undertaken between October 2023 to April 2024 during which the tool shortlisted only Singapore stocks.

The tool, according to OCBC, is able to predict stock price movements and generate hyper-personalized stock ideas. Using deep-learning algorithms, it identifies and predicts market patterns to develop a thorough understanding of an investor’s trading patterns.

Factors like the investor’s risk appetite, past trading activity and demographic information are analysed to curate and produce a list of 15 hyper-personalized stocks every week from exchanges in Singapore, Hong Kong and the US – the top three markets in which the brokerage’s customers trade.

This personalization allows investors to filter stocks that are highly likely to meet their trading preferences and criteria, and to immediately act on the idea by making a trade.

Exchange trained, updated

The stock picker was trained with data from over 4,000 stocks listed on the Singapore Exchange, Hong Kong Exchange, NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange and the NYSE American. The data includes more than a decade of stock fundamentals, macroeconomic factors, market patterns and technical indicators related to these stocks.

This data set is updated daily to ensure that the tool is always current. The firm’s data scientists and trading strategists also calibrate the latest AI modelling techniques to improve the picker’s prediction accuracy and comprehension of the market.

The unique stock picker is a free service for all of the firm’s customers and is available via the iOCBC app, iOCBC online trading platform and e-mail.

“Investors already have access to a wide range of information, but the challenge lies in being able to find the information relevant to them, and to distil it into an actionable trading idea,” says Wilson He, the firm’s managing director. “Being able to do so quickly is especially important in today’s fast-paced world. A.I. Oscar addresses this need, and we expect it to become an indispensable tool, especially for digitally savvy young investors who prefer the self-service model.”

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