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JPMAM expands active ETF suite with three new listings on ASX
Latest offerings give Australian investors more options to access equity premium income strategy
The Asset 25 May 2023

J.P. Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) has listed three more active exchange-traded funds on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

The JPMorgan Equity Premium Income Active ETF (Managed Fund) (Hedged) (JHPI), JPMorgan US 100Q Equity Premium Income Active ETF (Managed Fund) (JPEQ), and JPMorgan US 100Q Equity Premium Income Active ETF (Managed Fund) (Hedged) (JPHQ) are the latest additions to the Equity Premium Income Strategy suite of funds managed by Hamilton Reiner and Raffaele Zingone.

“With the client interest we have seen following the launch of JPMorgan Equity Premium Income (JEPI), currently the world’s largest actively managed ETF [with assets under management of US$25.49 billion as of May 16], and following requests from key clients, we are bringing more options and flexibility to Australian investors to access the strategy,” says Mark Carlile, head of wholesale, Australia and New Zealand.

JHPI is a hedged share class of JEPI, operating in the same manner and with the same investment strategy, but uses hedging to minimize exchange rate fluctuations. “As investors navigate the high rates and inflationary environment, this solution seeks to provide incremental income, through monthly distributions, with lower volatility than the US stock market and the added benefit of dampening the effect of exchange rate fluctuations,” Carlile explains.

“In addition, JPEQ and JPHQ were built for investors who are seeking consistent income while having a preference for large cap growth and in particular, technology companies in Nasdaq’s marketplace. With the listing of these three active ETFs, we are now able to offer a broad range of active ETFs to suit different client needs and demands,” he adds.

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