Year of the Rooster 2017

The Year of the Rooster has a leap month and year (New Year’s Day is January 28, and Spring begins February 4). According to the Chinese Almanac, this is a fantastic year for getting married and having a baby. However, if you are born under the sign of the Rooster, the Rabbit, the Mouse, the Dog, or the Horse, this year is a year of change. If you are one of these signs, it is a good time for you to consider your future. This is a good year for the male Rooster in his career. The Horse has a romantic year. For the Mouse, it is the best time to consider tying the knot and making a move in his career. However, there are three animals: the Rabbit, the Lamb, and the Monkey, with no significant lucky stars in their charts, so they need to be very careful when they are making a move in their careers or investments.


27 Jan 2017


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RoosterThe Rooster is the Grand Duke this year. You can wear either a silver dragon or aquamarine crystal pendant for protection. It is strongly suggested that you should take a short trip during Chinese New Year, to a cold climate area to improve your positive chi and enhance your luck for this year. You may find that this year is an eventful year, and that you need to be flexible with your work. You can get good advice from your friends for your investments. You will get a full and potentially rewarding return in the second half of the year. The Rooster is facing a year of change, so you are facing a lot of challenges and resistance from your family and friends. Determination is the key to success. This could be a profitable year if you are on the right track. Your health problems could become serious if you do not listen to your family doctor’s advice. You are to have a good relationship with your other-half, as well as a lively social life. Your lucky numbers are 3 and 4; your lucky colours are blue and yellow. Your lucky months are March, July, and December.


DogThis will be a year that you get support from your boss. It’s a great time to start a new project, but remember not to be too aggressive otherwise you will face conflicts. This is a year of gossip and argument, so if someone lets you down, you need to control your temper. Try to stay calm and tranquil, then you will reach a breakthrough in your work. Frequent travel is not your forte, but this year you will have to travel to see your clients, even though you will get no results. However, you may find that your reputation can lead you to find some potential investors who are willing to do business with you, and may like to invest with you. You may find that you are strongly inclined to buy property, but you will find that you have difficulty in the first half of the year. Be sure that you are investing in something with a guaranteed yield, and do not take any excessive risk in speculative investments. High cholesterol and blood pressure are your major health problems, so you have to be very careful with your diet. Your lucky numbers are 1 and 4; blue and green are your lucky colours. Your lucky months are January, April, and September. The green phantom is the lucky stone for you to wear this year.


PigThis is a year of travelling, and if you career requires it, to travel all the time. This year you can enjoy your trips, as every trip you take will be rewarding. You will find a lot of support from your colleagues in the office, and you find that your advice is being taken seriously by your boss. Remember, this is a critical year for your career, so you need to be very careful to control your emotions in the office, otherwise you will have the opposite result. The Pig can be stubborn sometimes, so it is better for you to listen to other people’s advice before making a decision. Frequent travel can affect your love life, and you will find that you have no time to start a relationship. Neck and back pain are the major causes for concern this year, and it is not a good time to invest. Your lucky colours are yellow and blue, and 7 is your lucky number. Your lucky months are February, June, and November. The yellow opal is the lucky stone for you this year.


MouseIn this year, you have romantic relationship stars around you. You can get help from all sources, and your social circle will help you to build your network. You are against the Grand Duke this year, which can have a great impact. You can start some new projects through your social network. You have spent a lot of money, but it is worth considering using the money to build up a better network in the future. It is better to take a short trip to somewhere extremely cold during February. This can help to boost your luck, as well as enhancing your energy and chi for the months to come. Your lucky number is 8 and your lucky colours are white and blue. Your lucky months are March, June, August, and December. The blue opal is your lucky stone this year.

The OX

OxThe Ox has a complex year compared with the other signs. In the beginning of the year, you may face some obstacles but you can overcome them in a very short period of time. It is strongly suggested that you take a short trip during February to somewhere near the sea, and you will find that your chi and will power will improve tremendously after your trip. Health conditions are improving except your eyesight. You may need to change your glasses this year. Your love life will have a negative trend for the whole year. You have a stable income, but you may spend your money on some unexpected items. Your lucky numbers are 1 and 4, and your lucky colours are black and white. Your lucky months are March, July, and November. Your lucky stone is citrine.


TigerThe Tiger has got a lucky star that could help push him in a leadership direction this year. If he can make use of the star, he can go a long way in his career. You will find yourself in demand in your social life, but this may turn out to be tedious for you. You will find additional work that will increase your income. You have to be careful of eating seafood, as you may easily have diarrhea. Your love life is improving and could develop into a stable relationship. Your lucky number is 10, and pink and blue are your lucky colours. Your lucky months are April, July, and October. Your lucky stone this year is the white opal.


RabbitFor the Rabbit, the Grand Duke year is not a bad year at all, but unfortunately it has no lucky stars, so you will have to work for everything on your own. It is strongly advised you take a short trip to somewhere with a cold climate during February, so the trip can help you to enhance your chi. You may have a lot of assignments from your boss without any help from your colleagues, but you can handle it. Be sure that you back up all your work, otherwise you may need to do it again. If you can plan it all beforehand, and handle it step by step, you will gain a great reward from it. Your health could be a problem for you, especially your lower back. Don’t take too many risks by doing dangerous sports; you will end up staying in the hospital. You are spending a lot of money this year, but your earning power is strong. Pursue your true love this year, and do not be let down by gossip. Your lucky number this year is 7, and silver and grey are your two lucky colours. You should remember this all the time. Your lucky months are March and September. Black tourmaline is your lucky stone this year.


DragonThe Dragon can get more support in his work this year. You may find that even though the assignments are difficult, you still handle them nicely. Dragon girls can get a lot of support from their male bosses, especially those working in the areas of marketing and sales. You find that you have better instincts than others. However, this year you may spend more money on your appearance, and can easily put on weight. The male Dragon can easily catch a cold and have allergy problems. Your love life can lead you to nowhere, and you may think it is time to concentrate on work, instead of spending your spare time at social gatherings. Your lucky number is 6, and yellow and brown are your lucky colours. Your lucky months are February, May, and August. Your lucky stone this year is amber.


SnakeYou may find yourself putting on weight this year. You may be tempted to eat more, and you are inclined to visit more restaurants than cooking at home. The male Snake has to work on his own, and it is difficult for him to get an efficient personal assistant. You have no luck in investment, and it is better to put your money into some stable-return products, or you have to choose something long-term, such as some blue chips instead of some IPO shares. Saving money is still a problem for you, but you may be tempted to buy a new car. Family matters are another issue that you may have to spend time on, even though you have a busy schedule. Your wife may have difficulty understanding that you have no time to make decisions about the kids’ education. Their health may be another issue that you have to take care of. Do not attempt to participate in any active sports, such as ice skating or football. You may end up with some broken ribs. As for your love life, you may have to look around when you are travelling. Lucky numbers for the Snake are 3 and 7, and pink and blue are your lucky colours. Your lucky months are March, July, and November. Your lucky stone is kyanite.


HorseEven though you are not against the Grand Duke this year, it is a good year for you. It is time to start thinking of getting married with your boyfriend, otherwise the relationship may not be long lasting. You have help from all around whenever you need it. You are actively looking for a greater role this year, and it is a time when you may well succeed in taking on a different post. Regarding your health, you will have some small problems that bother you all the time. Skin allergy is another problem that you have to pay attention to. It is a good time to invest, and a profitable year, which you can enjoy at the end of the year. Your lucky number is 9, and brown and white are your lucky colours. Your lucky months are February, June, and October. Your lucky stone this year is green rutilated garnet.


LambNo lucky star is around for you, but fortunately you have some good colleagues to help you out. This is a busy year in work, and no matter how hard you work, you still find that your desk is piling up with work. I suggest you plan some time to take a trip in February, otherwise you will not have time to take any leave during next year. You will need to find time to take care of elderly family members at home. Fortunately, you can manage it all, but you will have no spare time on your own. You have no time to handle investments, and you have no idea what to invest in. You will not find time to deal with your love life this year. You have to be very careful about your stomach. Your eating habits can also lead you to some heart problems. The lucky number for the Lamb is 5, and purple and silver are your lucky colours. Your lucky months are May, September, and December. Your lucky stone is smoky quartz.


MonkeyThe Monkey has not attracted any lucky stars this year. The Monkey needs to be very subtle in his work. It may not be a good idea to quit your job and start doing something that you have never done before. You may encounter a lot of false hope, and it is advisable to stick with what you are doing at the moment. This is a year that you have to sit and wait for opportunity to come. You have a lot of connections that can bring success, but this year is definitely not the right time. Do not be a guarantor for others to borrow money, as you may end up paying it yourself. Drinking too much can cause health problems, and you have to take care of your liver otherwise you may not have the energy to manage your business. In your love life you have a lot of temptation, and you find you cannot resist it. Your lucky numbers are 4 and 9, and gold and purple are your lucky colours. Your lucky months are April, August, and December. Your lucky stone is sugilite.      

Feng Shui Tips

For this year, the Three Killings is landing in the East, and the Illness Star is in the South, so if possible please avoid the East for anything concerning legal matters this year, especially if you are facing the East with a window or a door. If you cannot avoid this direction, you can put a ceramic animal or creamy carpet to dilute the bad chi affecting your daily life. Also, if you cannot avoid using the East, you can put a pair of white ceramic elephants facing the working area in the office. If you are unable to put elephants in this position, you can put eight white stones in a ceramic bowl on the table, or three bamboo shoots in water facing this position, to avoid the influence of bad chi and the Three Killings. For avoiding the bad chi from the South, you can put a heavy metal object or clock on the table to divert the bad chi, or you can put Japanese charcoal on the table for better health.


27 Jan 2017


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